Appeal for information on stolen family portrait

… Still looking for a stolen portrait

An elderly foreign resident who has lived for many years in Porches, Lagoa, is seeking help in recovering a painting stolen from her home ten years ago.

The woman, a widow, was on her own and asleep when burglars broke into her house at about 11.40 on a Saturday night.

Having caused damage in the forced entry, the burglars then made off with a television set, an antique carriage clock and four original paintings.

The painting that still concerns her, for family sentimental rather than any financial reasons, was a portrait of her great-grandfather.

The robbers, perhaps two or three in number, pulled the painting from its frame, possibly because they could not otherwise fit the whole picture into their car.

The frame, complete with the name of the painting, was found dumped in a country lane about 500 metres away from the house.

The woman believes the painting was probably disposed of cheaply in a car boot sale.

She believes it is almost certainly still in Portugal, possibly even in the Algarve.

Its present owner may not have any knowledge of its past or its family significance.

Anyone who can help with information so that the portrait can be returned to its rightful owner is asked to contact the writer:

Email: [email protected]; mobile 918081219