Appeal for funds

The New Goldra Dog Sanctuary is appealing for funds to cover its operating costs, which run at around €2,000 a month.

As a registered charity in Portugal providing a “safe environment for abandoned and abused dogs and cats”, it relies heavily on fundraising events, donations, sponsorship and “the generosity of animal lovers both in Portugal and the UK”.

In its Christmas message, the animal rescue centre said it needed around €2,000 a month to cover operating costs, with around €800 being spent on animal feed alone.

Part of the charity’s work is to nurse sick animals back to health and subsequently find new homes for them.

“As many of our rescued animals are in poor condition when we receive them, due mainly to starvation and abuse, good quality animal feed is essential to their recovery,” the message read. “Many puppy litters are also abandoned; only last week eight puppies were left in a cat trap outside our gate, therefore high quality puppy milk formula is required to enable our volunteers and carers to give these young creatures the best chance they have of life.”

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