Left to right, Diogo Gonçalves, the victim, Maria Malveiro (now dead) and Mariana Fonseca

Appeal court judges turn tables on nurse “absolved” in dismemberment

Mariana Fonseca’s lawyer vows to take 25 year sentence to Supreme Court

Appeal court judges in Évora have overturned the decision to absolve former nurse Mariana Fonseca of blame for the murder and dismemberment of a so-called friend (Diogo Gonçalves) in the Algarve in March 2020.

The decision was always ‘controversial’, in that the judges at Portimão court laid all the blame for the brutal killing and subsequent scattering of remains in various areas on Mariana’s then lover, Maria Malveiro (who has since been found dead in her jail cell).

Public prosecutors appealed – and now they have the ruling they have been waiting for.

The Évora ruling condemns Mariana Fonseca for co-authorship of the crimes of qualified murder, theft and illegitimate access (to the victim’s bank account), delivering a cumulative sentence of 25 years – the maximum possible under the Portuguese legal system.

Mariana Fonseca will not however be going to jail immediately. Say reports, her lawyer – a man who has already successfully won his client €30,000 in compensation from her previous employers Lagos Hospital – has said he will be appealing to the Supreme Court.

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