Apolónia Lagoa

Dear Editor,
What a pleasure it is to shop at the recently-opened Apolónia supermarket in Lagoa.

From the secure attended car park to cheerful attentive internal staff, the whole place is immaculately clean and tidy, and the choice of product second to none. The fruit and veg must be the best in the area, together with the fish and meat departments, with superb presentation.

At the cash-out, staff pack your bags, again with a smile and their best wishes.

No police walking round with guns and sad-faced staff pushing products at you at the cash out.

You don’t have to have a disc for a trolley and take it back to the park to retrieve it.

Perhaps it may cost a little more, so I am told, but for old-fashioned, cheerful service, why not?

Keep up the good work Mr. Apolónia, you are miles ahead of the rest.

Paul Fisher
By email