APAV helps nearly 1,000 victims of violence in Algarve

Portugal’s association of victim support (APAV) provided support to over 950 victims of violence in the Algarve in 2018, “an increase compared to the year before”.

So said the association’s general secretary Carmen Rasquete at a safety seminar held in Portimão this week.

On average, every week APAV was called to deal with 100 cases of violence against adults, 18 against children and 18 against the elderly.

Although APAV is commonly viewed as an association that supports victims of domestic violence, Rasquete said it also helps victims of other violent crimes.

In the Algarve, most of the people that APAV helps are victims of “theft, physical attacks and sexual violence”.

Raquel Rasquete added that APAV has two telephone lines manned by multilingual staff, whom people can call to ask for information or support. The association also provides support to holidaymakers.

APAV – 116 006

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