Apartment blocks make way for Portela metro

AROUND 40 families will have to be compensated or rehoused by the government if the metro project for Lisbon’s Portela airport gets the green light.

The extension of the red line will mean that the families currently living in two apartment blocks will have to be rehoused temporarily for six months. An environmental impact study said the project could damage up to 91 buildings, while residents and local businesses would be inconvenienced by the works carried out to add extra stations at Encarnação, Moscavide and Aeroporto.

Apart from the disruptions, it would also be necessary to reinforce the foundations of 15 buildings, viaducts and bridges to avoid the potential damage caused by the extensive excavation works.

However, on the positive side, the metro extension project would create 400 jobs in the construction industry as well as several jobs within the finished stations.