APAA’s pre-Christmas countdown!

APAA’s pre-Christmas countdown!

Clocks back October 29. Halloween! Winter solstice December 21. Whoosh! A mad rush, endless lists of ‘things to do!’ What a palaver!

APAA’s Pop-Up at ‘O Pescador’ packed to the gunnels. With record beating takings. “What a turn out. Thank you, all! Especially Pop-Up Special Pessoa, Anita and helping hand, Judy.” Jenny, president of APAA, is a very happy lady.

Pet Park’s Gary and Wendy, leaving their happy, soggy pack of canines back at the ranch. Gary explains: “They’ve been enjoying a break out in the sun. We wanted to bring ‘Rafa’ and ‘Nina’, but they were absolutely filthy!” Wendy is enjoying a break. “They are two of the four APAA dogs looking for re-homing, along with ‘Dusty’ and ‘Lilley’. Not alone though, with our own seven doggies.” Christmas and New Year bookings are getting busy. Still thinking about Christmas and New Year? Contact Pet Park.

A quick word from President, Jenny: “Pop-Up proceeds are precious, not only for the care of animals in need of help, but for our long-term SNiP efforts.” Association for Protection of Animals Algarve’s Spaying and Neutering Programme, lowering the ever-growing animal population.

She explains: “Cat colonies and abandoned dogs. Usually bitches, just before giving birth, or alongside their litter, literally dumped. Badly damaged and abused. Animals needing critical care. Not just help.” Care is costly, then finding a home. Time, patience, they all need feeding, vet care. Thankfully, Pet Park are APAA’s partners, in giving that extra mile to abandoned animals, that need re-homing.

Dear Diary:

APAA’s Pop-Ups Packed with Goodies: ‘Jolly’ Bar Alvor, November 3, 11-3pm. Fiona’s Fi-line fashions. Gill Goode’s artwork. ‘O Tasco’ Senhora do Verde, November 10, 12-3pm, book lunch directly at 282 471 769. Christmas gifts, stocking fillers, everything that you need in one place. Christmas Cards, 2023 Calendars. Hot on their heels will be APAA’s Holiday Fayre Special at ‘Holiday Inn’ Armação de Pêra,  November 12, 12-3pm. Special educational toys still in boxes. Cuddly toys!

APAA’s Facebook editor, Lisa writes “A darling puppy, ‘Heidi’ contracted deadly Parvovirus, virulent amongst dogs with just a sniff. It’s a killer. Please vaccinate your dogs and cats as soon as possible. The feline version is panleukopenia. Symptoms include foul smelling diarrhoea with blood, vomiting, loss of appetite and weight, high fever. Collapse. Sudden death can occur. Thank you, APAA and ADAP for ‘Heidi’s’ health care!”

For more information, contact Jenny Clarke: [email protected]. Visit their super Charity Shops either in Alvor, at Dunas Complex from Monday to Saturday from 10.30am to 2pm; or Silves, on Rua Elias Garcias 20, Monday to Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Both stores packed with quality goodies. Bring or Buy!

Also visit their website www.apaaportugal.com.

Zélia’s Cat Colonies always need extra assistance and cat food donations. ([email protected]).

For Pet Park, contact 926660465 or [email protected]. Check everyone out on Facebook!