Jams and preserves
Jams and preserves


Having missed out on the annual BLiP (Better Living in Portugal) for several years, latterly due to Covid, the announcement from AFPOP that they would be returning on October 8 and 9 to Portimão Arena caused a bit of a buzz in the community.

AFPOP, as most of us are aware, is an association for foreign property owners in Portugal. They are taking on the task of running the show. APAA, the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, has decided to hop onto their ‘Community’ bandwagon, with the hope of raising their heads above the parapet and their SNiP programme.

What better than a SNiP at BLiP? But hold on! SNiP, the spaying and neutering programme, is for dogs and cats, not humans. So, feel free to wonder on to the ‘Community’ stand and meet up with the APAA team. They are selling home-made, mouth-watering jams, preserves, and scrummy shortbread cookies.

Anyone who has been to APAA’s innovative ‘Pop-Up’ venues will know APAA is full-hearted and committed to making their SNiP programme work. The numerous cat colonies around the Algarve, run by Zélia Santos, need to be kept under control, which means keeping the feral cat numbers low – grab ‘em and SNiP them, thus allowing our feline friends a happy contented life.

From left, Jenny Clarke (president), Jane Norris (secretary) and Jackie Billings (treasurer)
From left, Jenny Clarke (president), Jane Norris (secretary) and Jackie Billings (treasurer)

On the other hand, our canine friends are also unfortunately over-bred and then abandoned. Many of the abandoned dogs are diseased, poorly and weightless. They need to be fed, require proper veterinary care and, when well enough, to be taken for the ‘snip’.

Re-homing the animals is a major priority. Thanks to networking, APAA members, followers, Facebook, Pet Park and, last but not least, the Resident, fabulous future homes are found for our luckless, furry friends. Their forever home!

APAA’s motto ‘Here to Help’ means just that, not just dogs and cats, guinea pigs, horsey stuff – anything that needs help or attention, or a human needing helpful, understanding advice.

Step up to the ‘Community’ stand at BLiP and meet the APAA team. Also on offer will be APAA’s 2023 Calendar, all the beauties belonging to the members in print, paid for to raise money. A ‘SNiP’ at €6, the calendars make a wonderful Christmas gift. Also, for €5, four-pack Christmas cards designed by Algarve’s Gill Goode. Calendar and cards include envelopes. Finally, a special hamper will be the prize draw of APAA’s animal-oriented competition. What are you waiting for? Mark up your calendar, buy a new one at AFPOP’s BLiP for APAA’s SNiP!

APAA, Jenny Clarke – [email protected]

Zélia’s Cat Colonies and feline friends – [email protected]

Abandoned dogs, Graham and Wendy – [email protected]