APAA Pop-Ups, pups and stuff…

APAA’s diary for 2023 promises to be full of exciting stuff. ‘Pop-Ups’, re-homing news and adventures of the animal world.

Kicking off for starters will be a dinner at O Tasco (Portimão) on Wednesday, March 1, at 7.30pm. Talented, charismatic Alexey, winner of ‘The Voice’ Spain and runner up for Brazil, will be making his debut, singing and playing guitar in his own melodic style. Don’t wait, book now.

The association’s next ‘Pop-Up’ will be at Odelouca’s Casa de Pasto A Parreirinha on Friday, March 3, from 4pm to 6pm. An ideal time and place to look for DIY tools. Of course, there will also be wonderful home-made jams, preserves and chutneys and goodies.

Jenny, president of APAA (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve), is trying out recipes; her two new jams promise to be winners.

Now for some serious stuff. APAA will be holding their members-only AGA on Monday, March 13, at 11.30am (sharp!). Recanto dos Mouros in Silves will be offering a wonderful choice of menu for members and non-members at 12.30pm (ish!). Make sure you have this in your diary.

Alexey will be performing at O Tasco dinner
Alexey will be performing at O Tasco dinner

Back to other business. Friday, March 24, from 10.30am to 2pm, pop into Jolly’s Bar, just outside Alvor, for APAA’s ‘Pop-Up’. Helping to boost coffers will be Gill Goode with her gifted artwork, and Fiona with her Fi-Line range of clothing, natural make-up and hand-made jewellery. Now, what can go wrong?

Never been to a ‘Pop-Up’? You really don’t know what you’re missing. Anita, APAA’s head-girl, will be on hand to help you make your choices. Meet other members and friends.

Our three little deserted pre-Christmas puppies have been growing and ready for re-homing. Two of these darling beauties have already found their forever home. One little pup is waiting. Any takers? Puppy ready now!

Puppy ready to go

One of the happier damaged street-cat stories has emerged. ‘Emma’, an older feline, had a shocking accident with a car. Touch and go. She survived humongous pelvic surgery a few months ago and is now completely fit and ready for a home. She’s affectionate and a good companion; sterilised and disease-free. Pick up phone! Purrrfect.

‘Here to Help’ is APAA’s motto. SNiP, APAA’s Spaying and Neutering Programme, is their main project, along with re-homing abandoned animals. But helping means just that. One of APAA’s Silves charity shop workers also works with another animal rescue home, run by Isabel Searle. A chat with Jenny and hey presto! Tiny Shelter Albufeira will also be at Jolly’s Bar on the 24th. See you there!

Contact Jenny direct for O Tasco charity dinner and lunch at Recanto dos Mouros – 919 041 903 or email [email protected]

Re-homing: [email protected]