Dog and cat

APAA – New Year’s resolutions

2023, another year in which to make promises we can or not, as the case may be, keep!

APAA, the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, faces another challenging year. Doubtless, a new wave of abandonees – dumped dogs, past their sell-by date.

Sadly, members of families and friends have also had the seal of approval suddenly passing on. It is a revolution. A cycle of life. Inescapable.

Far away, another revolution – the war in Ukraine. Our wishes go with all who are involved.

January 22 will bring in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, symbolising love and peace, finally ending the year of the voracious, hungry Tiger.

Over the past year, president of APAA Jenny Clarke and her cohorts have been busy not only making sure APAA’s motto ‘Here to Help’ is a promise that is kept, but also their ongoing SNiP campaign, keeping the dogs and cat colonies at a low, through ensuring that their breeding is cut to a minimum.

Cats naturally breed as quickly as they are able. Left in the wild, they will re-populate, becoming a problem. Zélia Santos and her friends try and re-locate cats into established colonies, then introduce them to the SNiP programme. But, feeding and health care still prevail.


Dogs, on the other hand, breed less frequently and their gestation period is longer. But their litters can be large. The larger the dog, the larger the cost to feed. Nearly all the dumped dogs are larger breeds. Too big to feed and breed. Whereas the smaller ‘Podengo’ types are bred and re-bred until well-past their shelf-life, with disastrous results. Illnesses have to be treated. Caring takes a long time to reap its benefits – regain trust and health.

Helping hands, Pet Park’s Gary and Wendy take on the homeless, abandoned dogs, searching for the happy-ever-after home for each and every one.

The ‘Pop-Up’ shops have proved unmeasurably popular, raising amazing amounts of money to top up the ever-diminishing coffers. Treatment, feeding and care costs.

“Anita, helped by Judy and others have made a generous gift to APAA with their time, energy and dedication,” Jenny admits. “We are lucky to have all our volunteers on the road and in our charity shops. Some prefer to stay behind the scenes and just get on with what needs to be done.” Lucky APAA. “The more the merrier!” she chuckles.

Charity Shops:

  • Alvor, Dunas Complex, Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-2pm
  • Silves, Rua Elias Garcias 20, Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm (Sat 1pm). Packed with quality goodies. Bring or buy!