APAA, find homes for abandoned dogs and cats.

APAA, find homes for abandoned dogs and cats

There are so many woeful tales to tell. Many, thank heavens, reach a happy conclusion. The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve’s motto, ‘Helping Hands’.

On rare occasions, APAA have to do heart-searching funding, for animals who, from no choice of their own, have to pay the consequences. Billy and Lyla, two beautiful canine partners. Living in domestic bliss. Their ‘Mummy’ Angie, making sure they are kept apart when Lyla is in season.

Unfortunately, this is not a happy ending. Well, for Lyla perhaps. Billy’s still smiling. Ten puppies are the consequential payment for a stolen moment, maybe two. Whoops! The smile on Billy’s handsome canine jaws, will be short-lived. He and Lyla are booked for a big SNiP session. Lyla can go on being happy and free, and no more problems from Billy’s unwanted, predatory, seasonal mating habits. Billy can now settle down and take stock of his canine duties.

Jenny Clarke President of APAA makes it very clear. “If, we are to help these puppies, as we will, to ensure a bright and loving future. We have insisted that the parents, Billy and Lyla are SNiP’d.” APAA’s goal is to help abandoned animals or those that need protection. “There are, however, rare but really genuine cases that need some help.” Jenny has many years of experience. “Of course, we have to sort out the genuine cases. We can’t stress, how important it is, for anyone with animals, to ensure they are castrated or spayed as soon as they are old enough.” She laughs. “The pets, I mean!”

Ongoing charity ‘Pop-Ups’ have helped raise funds for the APAA SNiP fund. Their charity shops are brimming with goodies, like Aladdin’s cave. Brand new, hardly worn, good quality clothing, utensils, working bits and pieces. Good Man and Women rummaging around places. Angie and her husband are very grateful for APAA’s help, they will make a donation towards the SNiP campaign. “Charity, begins here.” Jenny insists. “We are here to help.” But APAA think it is reasonable, they ask people, to give a donation in return.

Both Billy and Lyla are healthy large black dogs, one smooth, the other curly coated. Typical Labrador/Retriever types. A couple of the puppies look like one or the other, a couple are golden, previous genes? All gorgeous, healthy, vaccinated. Around 12 weeks old, ready for a loving home.

APAA,  Contact: Jenny info.apaaportugal@gmail.com Visit their super Charity Shops either: Alvor, Dunas Complex Monday-Saturday 10.30-2. or Silves, Rua Elias Garcias 20, Monday-Saturday 10-2. Packed with quality goodies. Bring or Buy! Also visit www.apaaportugal.com and Lisa Dowling, APAA’s Facebook pages. Re-homing Puppies: Angie.flores.pt@fmail.com 918706651