Anyone for sangria? Only in Spain and Portugal, matey!

As the European Parliament votes on such vital issues as the requirement for a universal phone charger, news comes that the word “Sangria” is now to be restricted to Portugal and Spain. The intention of this legislation is to protect producers in Portugal and Spain with Protected Designation of Origin status.
Other Member States can only use the term “aromatised wine-based drink”, followed by the name of the country where it comes from.
The ruling must now be applied by Member States within the period of a year.
“What nonsense!” claims Spanishnewstoday, adding that following the successful conclusion of the two-year process that saw top-level negotiations playing out – at no doubt considerable expense to taxpayers – “voters will be comforted to know… that the minds of the Eurocrats involved will now be free to concentrate on other issues of similar vital importance to the wellbeing of Europe’s 500 million inhabitants…”