Anti-tolls petition to be discussed in parliament

A petition demanding the suspension of the A22 highway tolls in the Algarve was delivered to parliament on Thursday (March 12) by citizens’ movement ‘Movimento Algarve Sem Portagens’ (Algarve Without Tolls).

With over 6,500 signatures – 2,500 more than required for the topic to be discussed in parliament – the petition was handed in directly to parliament’s vice-president Guilherme Silva.

In an official statement, the movement stressed that the fact that it collected the signatures in just over a month proves “that Algarveans will not submit to the huge injustice” they have faced for the last three years.

It added that the tolls have had serious consequences on tourism as well as the regional economy and everyone’s day-to-day lives.

Although similar petitions have been presented to parliament, the movement states it wants to confront PS, PSD and CDS-PP about who is responsible for their continued existence and the constant rejection of all demands to abolish them.
Whatever happens with this latest petition, the movement guarantees it will continue its fight, as “more and more people” are demanding the suspension of the Algarve’s tolls.