Anti-tolls group plans new protest

Anti-tollS activists have announced that they will convene a meeting with all the region’s associations on December 9 to plan further protests over the winter. The ‘No to Tolls’ organisation was formed following the government’s decision to introduce paid tolls on the A22 (Via do Infante) motorway.

The meeting’s objective, according to a spokesman for the organisation, is “to approve a joint declaration supported by all the regional associations, as well as organise a calendar of initiatives throughout the Algarve for the next three months”.

The group organised a protest on the EN125 three weeks ago. The demonstration brought together thousands of drivers, resulting in slow traffic movements and lengthy delays. Aside from the prospective meeting, the group, composed of business people and local authorities, is aiming to integrate local trade unions and the main General Workers’ Union (UGT) into its demonstrations.

Co-ordinators of the protests have announced they will seek “new meetings with important institutions” and contact “all the economic, social, cultural and Algarve civic associations”, to request their participation in new actions against the tolls.