Anti-toll movement on warpath as ‘death trap’ EN125 claims third victim in one month

Algarve anti-toll group CUVI is on the warpath after fatal traffic accidents on the EN125 road have gone into overdrive.

In the last four weeks three people have lost their lives on the ‘death-trap’ road that is over-congested as a result of drivers steering clear of the tolled A22 Via do Infante.

Thus CUVI – the abbreviation for Commission of Via do Infante Users – has come up with a new calendar of protests, starting off with a commemoration for the last month’s victims on Saturday (May 23).

Drivers and their families are invited to take part in a lunchtime debate at Restaurante Brasas & Filhos in Almancil at 1pm, followed by a ‘slow drive’ along the EN125 at 4pm.

“Tomorrow it could be us killed on the EN125 road,” says CUVI on its Facebook page. “Let’s fight while there is still time and demand that the people who implemented and support the tolls take responsibility for their actions.”

The A22 – converted to the toll system in a move that the EC has deemed illegal – is not an adequate alternative for the EN125, claims CUVI.

Last Friday (May 10), one man died and another was injured in a head-on collision on the national road near Almancil; on April 30, 57-year-old bus driver Sérgio Catarino died after crashing into a house near Guia and before that Algarve musician Miguel Drago died in a head-on collision near AlgarveShopping.

As newspapers are keen to stress, the road has been dogged by death and road traffic accidents for years.

Anyone interested in taking part in CUVI’s lunch-debate and slow march should contact Michael Ferrada on 919 070 032.

Photo: “Tomorrow it could be us killed on the EN125 road,” says CUVI