Anti-toll group delivers “farewell letters” to Portuguese leaders

Anti-toll group CUVI has announced it will be travelling to Manta Rota near Vila Real de Santo António on Saturday (August 22) to deliver a “farewell letter” to the Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, concentrating on the “social and economic tragedies” that the tolls imposed by his government on the A22 motorway have caused.

The announcement was made just hours after news of yet another fatal accident on the EN125 on Monday, this time killing three young people near Patã (see story above).

“In just 15 days, the death road has killed six and left several people injured,” CUVI stresses.

“Even if the EN125 receives improvements – which it should without any delays – the A22 tolls must be removed urgently to end the state of war the Algarve is in.”

Last Sunday, the group travelled to Aldeia da Coelha in Albufeira to “thank” President Cavaco Silva for all the “good things” he has done for the Algarve – such as “allowing the government toll the A22 highway”. A sarcastic letter to this effect was also delivered to Cavaco’s holiday home.

Two days earlier, the group held the latest of its anti-toll debates, this time attended by around 100 people. Guest speaker was presidential candidate and anti-corruption champion Paulo Morais.

“What we agreed was that reducing the price of the tolls is not what is needed,” stressed CUVI. “The tolls need to be removed completely.”

Since the coalition government introduced the tolls three years ago, the EC had repeatedly ruled that they are illegal (see: TOLLS ARE ILLEGAL SAYS COMMISSION). To date, the government has doggedly refused to back down.