Anti-oil group stages walk and kayak trip

In a bid to raise awareness of the risks of oil drilling off the Algarve coast, the region’s anti-oil action group PALP will be holding a walk and kayak trip on Sunday afternoon (June 28) in Faro.

The 12km kayak ride will begin at 2.30pm at Sport Faro e Benfica’s dockside premises.

To sign up, people need to fill in an online form ( and pay €3.

Those preferring a land-based afternoon can enjoy a 10km walk, scheduled to begin at 4pm at the entrance to Faro beach.

Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

PALP advises people taking part to bring their own water, sun screen, bathing suits and towels.

The anti-oil campaign group was created earlier this year to “defend the Algarve as a sustainable region and oppose local oil exploration”.

It is made up of citizens groups and NGOs, including Glocal-Faro, Movimento Algarve Livre de Petróleo, Quercus, Almargem, SPEA, Peace and Art Society and News Loop.