Anti-oil group fights back from ‘bank attack’

Hit recently by an attack on the association bank account, anti-oil campaigner group ASMAA is ‘back in the fight’ – the account restored, money recovered and process underway to “seek justice” from the “three rogue individuals” thought to be to blame.

Said ASMAA stalwart Laurinda Seabra, the incident may have been politically motivated, given that the group was elaborating a campaign to run through to the municipal elections taking place on Sunday.

Of the alleged ‘attackers’, Seabra told us one was “in a position of trust, the others were ex-members” of the association.

“Basically what happened was that they abused an unfortunate situation created through the transfer of our account during Santander’s takeover of Banif”, she explained – stressing “hat’s off” to Santander’s management for “the speed with which they acted”.

“Our account is now not only safe, but fully functional once again”.

As for the “rogue trio”, ASMAA management “will be reporting the matter to the relevant authorities”.

“We are doing everything possible to ensure these individuals are brought to book”, Seabra concluded.

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