Anti-oil event at Faro musicians’ association

An event to raise awareness of the risks of oil prospecting and production in the Algarve will be taking place on Saturday (March 12) at Faro musicians’ association (ARCM).

Organised by a new and dramatically-named anti-oil group ‘ALLgrave’, the event begins at 3pm with a walk through Faro.

An hour later, leading campaigners PALP and ASMAA will speak on the topic of the day, show a mini-documentary entitled ‘Fracking Hell: The untold story’ and then open the floor to debate.

At the end of the day, a number of concerts will take place including performances by Projecto Sara, Íris, Trauma and Wax Flamingos.

Admission is free and open to everyone.

As the Resident has been reporting, the region as a whole – backed by all the Algarve’s mayors – is against both on- and offshore oil prospecting and production, no matter what level of assurances the authorities give. The government, however, has refused to rescind any of the current contracts signed with oil companies (click here)