Anti-oil campaigners appeal for logistical help

As even a PS MP joins the people’s battle against government plans for oil and gas exploration, Algarve group ASMAA is appealing for help in the ‘mass demonstration’ planned for outside Parliament in Lisbon later this month.

The cost of running the demo has “escalated significantly”, says the group. “It is a lot more expensive than we had originally estimated”.

ASMAA wants to print posters, banners and campaign t-shirts, but it needs the funds to do so.

“We estimate that between 500 and a thousand people could participate”, said CEO Laurinda Seabra.

One of the biggest costs will be in laying on transport from the Algarve, passing through the Alentejo to pick up supporters along the way.

“If we don’t get the help of two free buses from municipalities, we will have to rent them” explained Seabra – and that alone will set the group back over €1500.

For now, people can help in small ways by buying campaign tshirts from the group, even if they are able to join the protest on Thursday 23rd.

Meantime, in the Alentejo, Beja MP Pedro do Carmo has spoken out against the determination of his own party to press ahead with prospection plans that are not supported by any of the minority parties keeping the government in power.

Speaking in Lisbon, do Carmo said he viewed his party’s plans as a “hammer blow in the strategy to affirm the Alentejan coast as a space of touristic excellence”, and he questioned how the government can consider oil and gas exploration compatible with efforts being made to elevate the Alentejo economically, culturally and touristically.

For details of how to boost ASMAA’s campaign efforts for February 23 see the group’s Facebook page.

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