Ana Gomes
Ana Gomes is a regular commentator on SIC Notícias

Anti-corruption campaigner Ana Gomes ‘absolved of defamation’

Gomes described media mogul as “notorious scumbag/ tax criminal”

Anti-corruption campaigner, former MEP and one-time presidential candidate Ana Gomes has been acquitted today in the 3rd defamation case brought against her by media mogul Mário Ferreira.

The crux of this case was Ms Gomes’ tweet, describing Ferreira as a notorious scumbag/ tax criminal. She was found guilty of defamation – still a crime in Portugal –  in Porto last year, and condemned to paying thousands in damages. But she appealed to the city’s appeal court, to hear today, in a 103-page judicial consideration, that her tweet was not defamatory, rather a “mere expression of an opinion”.

Clearly delighted Ms Gomes has tweeted: “What would I have done without the extraordinary support of my lawyer Francisco Teixeira da Mota?

But there is still defamation case no 4 to deal with – one in which Mr Ferreira claims Ms Gomes labelled him a drug trafficker.

The litigious nature of Ferreira/ Gomes’ relations goes back years and has seen Mr Ferreira suggest Ms Gomes should “hold her tongue”. More recently, he suggested she “should get treatment”.

The thing to remember about Ms Gomes is that she often raises ‘inconvenient issues’ that  later bob to the surface. For example, many years ago she raised questions over business dealings in Madeira, particularly the concession of the Zona Franca tax haven. Last week, much of what she had raised in her concerns became extremely relevant in police investigations that have toppled a political regime in power in the archipelago for decades. As Ms Gomes has told news anchors, authorities could have and “should have” acted “a long time ago”.

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