Anti-bullfight protest

An anti-bullfighting protest by the group Cidade de Albufeira Anti-Touradas is taking place outside the Albufeira bullring (Praça de Touros) on Friday, September 27.

The group is calling on citizens of all nationalities who oppose bullfighting to meet at 8.15pm at the Corcovada roundabout in front of Roberto’s restaurant, near the bullring.

Participants are requested to bring a candle or white light “in memory of the bulls that have been tortured and suffered horrendously in Albufeira this season”.

The last protest was held on September 11 and was attended by around 20 people.

A source from the Cidade de Albufeira Anti-Touradas said bullfight aficionados were verbally aggressive towards the protestors and one even attempted to physically harm them, but the intervention of passers-by and later the GNR police force ensured their safety.