Another mother’s nightmare

The case of Madeleine McCann’s abduction took a new twist on Monday evening (May 14) when a local man was taken to Portimão court for questioning.

Robert Murat, well known to the media covering the missing Madeleine case, lives with his mother Jenny just yards from the holiday home from which Madeleine was taken.

In his early thirties, Robert was reported to the police by a Sunday Mirror reporter Lori Campbell as causing concern amongst the press pack.

Murat is estranged from his wife and has a daughter, both of whom live in the UK.  He told  SKY News reporter Ian Woods that he was sad about Madeleine’s disappearance as the photo of Maddy reminded him of his own daughter.

In the early days of the abduction enquiry Murat assisted the British media with introductions and translations and even arranged for them to have supplies of bottled drinking water from the local supermarket.

Following a day’s search by plain clothes and forensic detectives, which allegedly included the emptying of a swimming pool, the police authorities left Jenny Murat’s villa at around 22.00. It transpires that Robert’s computer and other items, including some blankets were removed from the Murat’s villa.

Jenny told reporters that she was unable to make any comment on what had occurred at her property, but that she was certain a statement would be made from the police completely exonerating Robert.

Robert left the police station in Portimão early this morning (Tuesday) but did not return to Praia da Luz. His mother told a reporter that she had told Robert not to come back home, but to stay the night with friends.  She also stated that Robert was desperately upset at the speculation and allegation being made against him.  With no information from the police as to the outcome of their discussions with Robert, it is easy to understand his frustration.

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