Another electric tram accident in Lisbon injures seven ‘mainly foreign’ passengers

“Another electric tram accident” in Lisbon today has seen a number of light injuries to passengers involved.

Some reports suggest six people were injured, others put the number at seven; one claims there were eight victims.

Says SIC, the majority of those hurt were foreigners, aged between 30 and 70.

They were all treated in S. José hospital and later discharged.

Reports over social media stressed the “another” aspect of this accident.

A much more ‘shocking’ accident happened in December last year (click here).

This time round, the tram appears to have been involved in a collision with a French-registered tourist bus.

The accident took place at the crossroads between Rua do Ouro and Rua do Conceição in the popular Baixa area of town shortly after 1pm .

Traffic was cut off as the two vehicles were removed.

Passengers not affected were transferred to an alternative bus.

Says Observador the injured were all passengers on the tram.
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