‘Another drunken passenger’ escorted off Ryanair flight to Portugal

Yet another dismal story of a drunken airline passenger abusing fellow travellers has been highlighted in the British media.

In this case, it was a member of a stag party flying from Dublin to Faro.

Police escorted the young man from the plane as passengers remarked “something really needs to be done to stop people flying again if they keep doing this sort of thing. Otherwise it will keep happening”.

Ryanair has reportedly failed to comment on this particular incident which took place over the recent May day Bank Holiday weekend.

However, the Daily Mail reports that passengers thought crew members dealt with the situation “brilliantly” and did their best to calm the drunken traveller down and “get him to sit quietly”.

The Mail’s report refers to the stag group “seeming quite drunk” as they boarded the flight.

Members immediately set about drinking “their own stash of drink”, described as a mixture of vodka and Red Bull.

Passengers’ worst fears were that the plane would be diverted to another airport, said one.

It is not clear how the incident ‘ended’, as Portuguese police have apparently refused to answer reporters’ questions on whether or not the offending passenger was arrested.

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