Another day in Portugal with zero deaths from Covid-19

It has been another day in Portugal with zero deaths from Covid-19. From the economic point of view, these days are always trumpeted, but there are never any reports of the number of deaths that have taken place due to focus on Covid-19. Our report coming this afternoon for example on the 40% increase in cases of breast cancer since January. These cases with luck won’t end in any deaths – but the increase is almost certainly down to the fact that so many other illnesses and conditions have been ‘put to one side’, if not totally ignored through this pandemic. That said, today’s bulletin is positive. The Rt is still below 1 on 0.95 (although it has risen from 0.92 in three days), while incidence is at 50.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Hospital numbers are down (to 236) but numbers in intensive care have increased slightly to 72. In the last 24-hours there have been 450 new infections confirmed against 324 ‘recoveries’.