Double-bubble wonder

Another charity

Dear Editor,

I have just switched on my computer and lo and behold another charity is setting up. There seems to be an endless stream of them.

Now I am all for giving to the needy, but this is becoming ridiculous. We help support the local children’s nursery, we help to support the Bombeiros, we save tins and packages of food for the Portuguese old people. We contribute to funds for stray dogs and we take all our old clothes to the charity shops.

It seems to us that we Brits are regarded as people with bottomless pockets of cash for everyone but ourselves. Sometimes one should remember that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

A Portuguese neighbour actually said we regard you Brits as “wallets on legs” so they think we are soft touches. There are some Brits who are on very hard times now.

From one who is not feeling very charitable at present.