Another bouncer killed in Porto

A NIGHTCLUB BOUNCER was killed on Sunday night in Porto when leaving his house in the company of his brother. The victim, Alberto Carvalho, 36, was the main witness to the killing of a well known businessman in Porto.

Neighbours of the victim, quoted in daily newspapers, said that Alberto, or “Berto Maluco” as he was known, was allegedly killed by a group of individuals with their faces covered driving three different cars. They were allegedly waiting for “Berto” with machine guns, firing several shots at him. Forensics found 15 bullets in his body. The victim’s brother escaped uninjured.

Porto Polícia Judiciária are investigating the murder, which they believe is an isolated case presumably carried out to settle a vendetta. The bouncer’s wife was questioned on Monday admitting that Berto had been involved in the killing of another bouncer in July.

The victim was close to Aurélio Palha, a well known nightclub businessman from the north of Portugal who was killed in August while going home in his company. Friends of the businessman have been reported in the media as saying that Aurélio Palha was killed by mistake because Alberto was the real target.

“Berto Maluco” was well known to the police as he had already spent time in jail for the death of a client at Number One nightclub in 2001.

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