Another 6,573 people in Portugal recover from Covid-19 infections

Today’s Covid bulletin has brought the usual mix of good and bad news – but there can be no denying that numbers are ‘coming down’, both in terms of daily deaths and active cases.

204 patients died in the last 24-hours, taking overall deaths since the start of the pandemic in Portugal over the 14,000-mark to 14,158.

Active cases are also down, due to the number of people deemed recovered (6,573) far outreaching the numbers registered as newly-infected (3,508). Indeed, Sunday February 7 marks the seventh consecutive day that the numbers of people recovered outstrips those becoming infected.

Today’s number of new infections has to be taken with a pinch of salt however due to the fact that this is a weekend, and weekends see a lower level of testing.

Nonetheless, the results are still showing that the worst affected area is Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo, where the majority of deaths were recorded (+100), as well as the highest number of new infections (+1,435).

Comparatively high death counts were also recorded in the Algarve (+10) and Alentejo (+13), though new infections in both regions are well down on recent tallies (+142 and +154 respectively).

Madeira is still showing active transmission whistling through the population (+136 new cases, 2 deaths) unfortunately; Azores is doing much better (just +8 new infections, no deaths).

Hospital admissions are ‘up again’ (by +90 people). Experts have pointed to the next couple of weeks remaining critical (click here).

Meantime, the jury is infuriatingly out over how effective this global mass vaccination campaign will be. Some immunologists have told SIC they expect the vaccines to give people immunity that should last a year (ie would need to be reinforced), others are saying they expect the virus to become endemic and reduce to a strength that would simply cause ‘a cold’.

Said Henrique Veiga-Fernandes “over time, the immune response triggered by antibodies and T-lymphocyte cells to SARS-CoV-2 will be “identical to other human coronaviruses” which cause simple colds and for which “reinforcements of vaccinations will not be needed”.