Annual IRS returns don’t have to be taxing

AFPOP’S ANNUAL Tax Seminars, in association with euroFinesco, will be presented in January and February of this year and will, once again, provide the information residents in Portugal need about their individual obligations for presenting their tax declarations to the Finanças.

The seminars will also inform residents about what personal allowances are available, ways to submit annual declarations and the penalties for either false declaration or late submissions.

Presenters from euroFinesco will be there to give impartial advice about all matters to do with individual taxation, answer questions of general interest in the open forum and give more specific advice on individual cases after the group session has been completed.

There are sure to be many people who have never filled in a tax return in Portugal or those who may not be aware of the changes for personal taxation which will affect their declaration. For example:

•  Tax changes

•  Tax credits: reinstatements

   and eliminations

•  Rate reduction for non-residents

   on property rental income

•  Alterations in pension allowance

•  Tax police force

•  Revised treatment of dividends

The AFPOP Tax Seminars are essential for anyone who has doubts about their legal obligations or cannot complete their tax return without guidance. For those people who are unable to attend, information packs will be available after the event.

Tax Seminars at reduced cost

As was promised to AFPOP members, we have reduced the cost of attending the seminars in 2006, which is now 15 euros for members (five euros for joint member). Non-members will be charged 30 euros.

To reserve your place on any of these seminars, contact the AFPOP office on 282 458 509 or e-mail [email protected]. Members can download the application form from the ‘e-store’ section of the AFPOP website –

In order for us to assess the requirements for each venue, we ask those interested in attending the seminars to return the application form to the AFPOP office as soon as possible.