Chaîne des Rôtisseurs enjoy lunch in the hills

Annual golfing event raises thousands of euros for children

For the twelfth consecutive year, Algarve children’s charity ACCA hosted its annual Pro-Am golfing event on September 24 and 25, raising a total of €20,700 for children in need throughout the region.

Over the two days, 60 amateur golfers participated in the event, alongside golfing professionals including Cecile Lundgreen, Elisabeth Esterl, Kirsty Fisher, Rebecca Hudson and Laurette Maritz.

On September 24, the Pro-Am golf clinic took place from 4pm to 6pm at the Quinta do Lago golf course, the main sponsors of the event, which was followed by a cocktail reception at Koko Lane, where all participants had the opportunity to get to know the professionals and enjoy a golf-wear fashion show.

The following day, a tournament took place, with a prize-giving barbecue afterwards at the Quinta do Lago clubhouse.

A special boy

ACCA President, Wanda Crawford, told the Algarve Resident: “The event was a tremendous success and thoroughly enjoyed by all. “We are currently helping a young boy named Samuel, who has several disabilities, travel to the UK to a children’s hospital called Great Ormond Street. The four-year-old young boy has yet to be diagnosed properly in Portugal. So his parents have turned to ACCA for assistance to fund some of the medical expenses at this amazing facility where Peter Pan can be found roaming the halls,” she added.

Samuel Santos has suffered from gastrointestinal problems, seizures, delayed development and more since he was born, and to date has still not been given a diagnosis by doctors at Faro and Lisbon hospitals. It is hoped with ACCA’s assistance, the young boy will now find diagnosis in England.