Anke Punt unveils new art series; 50% of proceeds in aid of children’s home

German artist Anke Punt will be exhibiting her new art series at Lagoa’s Convent’bio throughout the month of January.

Fifty per cent of proceeds will go to the Alvor children’s home Lar de Crianças Bom Samaritano.

The exhibition will be held at Convent’bio’s gallery from January 1 to 31, 2021.

Anke Punt told us: “It all started with my passion for art and learning from the old masters. This, combined with a love for nature, was the beginning of a new series.

“Convent’bio is a beautiful place and they supported my idea of running an exhibition to help the children’s home in Alvor.”

Lar de Crianças Bom Samaritano takes in children aged five to 12 who were victims of abandonment or neglect. Its main goal is to provide children and youngsters with a base of support “as close as possible to a family structure” while still “respecting their individuality and privacy”.

Convent’bio is located at Sítio do Carmo on the EN125 in Lagoa. Opening hours: 9am-6pm Tuesday to Thursday, 1pm-6pm Monday and Friday, and 9am-2pm on Saturday.

Pictures show some of the artist’s new work.

Read more about Anke Punt here.

Anke Punt’s work can be seen here: