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Animals running out of time at Goldra

Time is running out for the animals at the Goldra animal shelter as the facility will be closing its doors on March 31.

Despite final pushes to find new homes for all the remaining animals that had been housed at the animal shelter, there are still 14 dogs that need to be re-homed.

Verna Kinder, a volunteer at Goldra, said: “We are extremely grateful to everyone who has adopted a cat or dog, given their time to help socialise the dogs, organised a quiz and donated food and money to help us keep going during these last few weeks at Goldra.”

She added: “Difficult decisions will have to be made at the end of March.  Even the thought of considering putting to sleep healthy, friendly animals sickens us and we are finding it very hard to deal with emotionally.”

None of the remaining dogs at Goldra are considered to be aggressive, with some fully ready to join a new family and others needing help to integrate.

For further information about all the remaining animals, please visit or call Verna Kinder on 282 449 395 or email