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Animals in need of a new home

By INÊS LOPES & PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

A temporary animal rescue centre in Tavira could soon have to close down if new premises are not found.

Local residents Patrick and Grace Bonadie, who have been involved in helping the cause of abandoned animals in the Tavira area since they arrived in the Algarve 22 years ago, are now putting all their efforts into finding a plot of land with suitable conditions to become a rescue centre for the dogs and cats rescued by the 3AT – Associação de Amigos dos Animais de Tavira, the area’s only association supporting abandoned animals.

Patrick Bonadie told the Algarve Resident: “The current land is on a steep hill and the dogs have to be tied to trees. The conditions are really not suitable and we are doing everything we can to help this association, which is doing such good work in the area.”

Patrick Bonadie said he is aware that several plots of land in the area, belonging to foreign people who purchased them in the 80s with a view to build, are currently vacant after PROTAL (a master land planning document) measures introduced restrictions to urban development in some areas in the region.

He said: “We know of several vacant plots in our area, some away from residential areas, which would be perfect to build an animal rescue centre. We are hoping that one of the owners, or someone with a plot offering the right conditions, will come forward after seeing this article.”

Grace Bonadie added: “We have rescued dozens and dozens of dogs and cats in the Tavira area, so we are well aware of the necessity to have suitable premises to animals looking for homes.”

Manager of 3AT – Associação de Amigos dos Animais de Tavira Dra Cristina Pires Rodrigues told the Algarve Resident: “We urge people to help find some land where we can finally install the animals and give them all the necessary conditions.

“We are on private property temporarily and would like to have a space for all our existing animals and to take in more. We ask people who have some land that is not in use to contact us. We would be very grateful,” she said.

For more information about 3AT  –  Associação de Amigos dos Animais de Tavira please call 960 247 511, email [email protected]

Please visit their Facebook page – 3AT – Associação Amigos dos Animais de Tavira – to check all news about the centre and all animals for adoption.