Animal rescue

Dear Editor,
I have read many negative remarks of Portuguese treatment of animals. Allow me to set the record straight.
Exiting the market in Loulé recently, my partner and I saw a beautiful chameleon on the footpath and heading for the road. We stopped the traffic and the chameleon made its way slowly to the other side.
On seeing the animal’s plight, a Portuguese man left his car, picked up the chameleon, kissed it and said “so beautiful, but it will not last long in town”.
Before we had time to find a box to carry the animal with us, the Portuguese man saw a Red Cross ambulance and waved it down. The driver took charge of the chameleon and said he would leave it in the countryside, an environment more suited to it.
We are dining out on this wonderful experience, and hats off to some very kind and caring Loulé inhabitants.
Ann Cooney