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Animal rescue centre plans suspended

APAA, the Association for the Protection of Animals in the Algarve, has suspended its plans to build a new animal rescue centre in the region due to difficulties obtaining planning permission.

Being the beneficiary of a €100,000 donation by the late animal lover Inez Soares da Rosa, who passed away in 2007, APAA is “keen to put the legacy to good use rather than letting it sit in a bank”. Thus, the APAA has approached the executors of Inez Soares da Rosa’s Will to put forward alternative suggestions, such as funding  projects of other Algarve rescue centres and charities.

Alan Camplin-Smith, president of the APAA, said: “This would benefit more animals than the 50 we could have housed in a rescue centre and the executors agreed. We have already identified our first project, which is to supply and fit the fencing for the new Goldra Animal Sanctuary.”

Meanwhile, a new logo for the APAA has been designed by Andrew Thompson of design company Fifteen Eighty Four Limited in Norwich, England. The company gave their services free of charge.

The APAA can be contacted by telephone on 282 322 203 or email [email protected]. Also visit