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Animal Rescue Algarve steals hearts at Almancil Communities Party

Visitors were able to interact with rescued animals

The annual Almancil Communities Party once again welcomed Animal Rescue Algarve, who made a heartwarming appearance with rescued dogs Isaac, Albano, Alba, and Arc.

The nonprofit association’s mission to promote animal welfare found a perfect platform to showcase their work at the local event.

The Almancil Communities Party, known for bringing together local residents and tourists alike, fosters a sense of unity, and received an “extra dose of compassion and cuteness this year”.

Animal Rescue Algarve set up a booth and exhibition at the event, allowing visitors to interact with the four-legged ambassadors of their cause.

The exhibition, near the central lake of the Jardim das Comunidades, showcased artworks created by the students of Almancil’s School Grouping and the Padre João Coelho Cabanita School, ranging in ages from three to 15.

Through their art, the students have expressed their love and concern for animal welfare with various works created for Animal Rescue Algarve. The topics ranged from appeals to stop animal cruelty, to raising awareness about the urgency to end inhumane practices such as keeping dogs on chains, the importance of adopting rather than buying pets, or simply a celebration of animals as humanity’s best friends.

From left: Théo Português with Alba (female), Lata Vision with Isaac (male) and Carrie Velz with Albano (male)

“ARA takes great pride in the students’ works, which it sees as important steps to changing the minds and hearts of future generations when it comes to animal welfare,” said the association.

Animal Rescue Algarve is a nonprofit association based in Loulé, in the Cabanita area. Since 2018, ARA has rescued, treated and rehomed over 1,400 animals, is involved in community projects such as Vila dos Gatos – aimed at sterilising up to 1,500 street cats annually – and works with schools across Loulé and beyond.

Check out ARA’s website or to book a visit to the Cabanita shelter, call + 351 289 462 384