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Animal Rescue Algarve celebrates four years of achievements

Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA) has achieved a lot in the last four years, operating mainly in the Loulé area and in the parishes of the municipality. Around 1,800 animals have been rescued and around 1,600 have found new homes.

The shelter houses 100 dogs and 50 cats in excellent conditions, with access to all the necessary veterinary care. The 15 parks allow the animals to spend their days free in these areas with swimming pools, sandboxes, and apparatus. As well as having a team of 12 staff, we house 21 live-in volunteers. We also do a lot of work in the community, such as protocols with 12 schools where we carry out awareness-raising activities.


Our reputation for good practice and exceptional standards of animal welfare is becoming recognized throughout Portugal. So much so that we have been involved in several animal rescue/welfare situations in Tavira. We have met with many likeminded people in Tavira.

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It all started three years ago when we received almost all the animals from the ADOTA association, which had to close its doors. We also have the privilege of being in partnership with the Gran Plaza shopping mall where one of our replicas is permanently displayed with flyers and where we hold various adoption events throughout the year.

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Our Vila dos Gatos project, which we started in March 2023, has been very successful, with more than 1,000 sterilized cats. We were working in Loulé, but Tavira asked us to join in and carry out the same project with them, and we have already signed a protocol.

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The standards generally in Portugal are poor, but our big hope for the future is the next generations, which is why we dedicate so much time to children. A new book, ‘O Reino dos Cães de Três Patas’ (The Kingdom of Three-legged Dogs), will be launched very soon, inspired by ARA, with real characters and containing a beautiful and emotional educational message about the animal cause for children.

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