ANIMAL goes after young man who threw dog off Cruz Quebrada bridge

Animal association ANIMAL has instigated legal proceedings against the young man who threw his dog of Cruz Quebrada bridge, on the outskirts of Lisbon, for a home-video depicting, in his word’s, his animal’s desire to fly (click here).

ANIMAL’s criminal complaint seeks to get Tiger removed from his owner Luís Amorim, who has not only received universal censure over the internet, but could also lose his job.

Ironically, Amorim is a model – working for Lisbon agency Blast.

Blast has already ‘disassociated itself’ with its model’s not-so-model behaviour, saying in a statement that Amorim’s display of animal cruelty will “of course carry consequences”.

Thus the young man faces losing both his dog and his contract with Blast and could very well end up with a criminal conviction for animal cruelty.

ANIMAL’s legal representative Alexandra Reis Moreira claims Amorim’s behaviour “does not show that he has the minimum requirement necessary to be responsible for a life”.

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