Animal food collection

Algarve animal charity APAA has organised an animal food collection at the Pão de Açúcar supermarket in Lagoa today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday).

Shoppers are being asked to purchase food for cats and dogs and then donate this to the Ajuda Alimentar Animal (AAA), the national animal food bank.

Six local animal organisations and private individuals will be collecting the food in four hour shifts  and those benefiting from the collected food will be the Donkey Sanctuary, Quintinha dos Animais at Goldra, Algarve Animals and three private people who each care for more than 40 animals.

Meanwhile, Pão de Açúcar will be offering dented tins and split bags of food to the APAA for distribution. This will be added to the regular food supplies already received from Continente/

Modelo supermarkets.

Organisers hope that food collections like this will become a regular event across the Algarve to help to feed the stray dogs and cats in the region.

The next will take place at the APAA dog show, Scruffts, on September 19 at the Fatacil in Lagoa.

For further information about the food collections or the work done by the APAA, please email [email protected]