Dentolas the cat at Jardim da Aryel – Photo FACEBOOK
Dentolas the cat at Jardim da Aryel – Photo FACEBOOK

Animal donation drive in aid of O Jardim da Aryel

The Lagoa and Carvoeiro parish union will launch a campaign to collect food and other vital items for local animal association and shelter O Jardim da Aryel on Wednesday, March 1.

All donations will go to the hundreds of animals that the association cares for.

Dry and wet food for dogs and cats, cleaning products (such as bleach and rubbish bags) and cat litter are some of the items needed.

The campaign, which was launched for the first time last year, will run until December 31 and have three drop-off points for donations: the parish union offices in Lagoa (Largo do Convento de São José, no.4) and Carvoeiro (Rua do Barranco, no.74) and the Aryel charity store in Parchal (Rua Infante Sagres, no.8).

The Lagoa and Carvoeiro parish union says it hopes to collect enough donations to help O Jardim da Aryel “continue its work in an efficient way and we are counting on the contribution of all residents in Lagoa and Carvoeiro for this important cause”.

The parish union adds that there are other ways that people can help aside from making donations: by becoming volunteers at Aryel, or by printing the flyer that promotes the campaign or asking for one at the parish union offices or charity store and posting it at local businesses or sharing it with friends and family.

The Resident spoke in 2019 with O Jardim da Aryel’s founder Irene Nunes about the reasons that led her to create this animal association.