João Ferreira (ARA) and Jenny Clarke (APAA), with Kiss FM's Owen Gee
João Ferreira (ARA) and Jenny Clarke (APAA), with Kiss FM's Owen Gee

Animal Corner: Stars in their eyes!

How do they do it? Easy peasy! APAA’s president Jenny Clarke and ARA’s general manager João Ferreira met Owen Gee at Kiss FM’s studio in Albufeira to discuss ‘Legacy for Pets’.

“Discussing ‘Legacy’ on air was an amazing experience!” How do we manage when an illness occurs or sudden death for that matter?

“I met João at afpop’s BLiP EXPO and got to talking about the problem. He told me that Sid Richardson, the founder and very much hands-on top guy of the ARA team, had the very same question … but had an answer, which could work!” said Jenny.

Time flips by, Jenny and colleague Anita visit ARA’s splendiferous shelter ‘Cabanita’, just outside of Loulé, to discuss Sid’s thoughts, fast becoming a project.

Finally, after a lot of paperwork and testing the water, as it were, the team reached agreement and signed up for Sid’s ‘Legacy for Pets’.

Fast forward. “We had to get the word out and about.” Sid is a no-nonsense, no-frills guy. He had planned and built his dream shelter, the first of many ideas on his mind. Entrepreneur, architect of ideas, not only known for the work he has accomplished with ARA’s ‘Cabanita’, but now with the ARA ‘Vila dos Gatos’ project. He and APAA’s very own cat woman Zélia Santos held long feline colony discussions during the ‘Legacy’ launch at Fonta da Pedra, where feral felines are unfortunately a habitually increasing problem. Catching them is a huge task in itself. Naturally suspicious, they need be lulled into a sense of security.

“Of course, once they are snipped, they are transferred back into the colony, safe and secure.” Jenny has been on many ‘trapping’ expeditions. APAA’s SNiP (Spaying and Neutering) Programme is their main target.

The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA) is always in the front to help other associations and shelters.

'Vila dos Gatos', Quarteira
‘Vila dos Gatos’, Quarteira

Sid’s Animal Rescue Algarve has been installing the ‘Vila dos Gatos’ with the backup of Quarteira’s president, Telmo Pinto, at their recent inauguration of the cat houses in Vilamoura. “Support is not only from the acknowledgement of the dignitaries, for which we are eternally grateful!” Sid knows it’s down to ARA’s human, on-the-street carers and supporters. “They are the stars. Local chief carer Margarida, teaming up with catch/release co-ordinators Cidália, Cristina and Anabela,” he pauses. “There is much work to be done.” Yes. All hands on deck!

Another site is ready for a new ‘Vila dos Gatos’ project. APAA and ARA share the same goals. Actually, creating safe secure housing for feral cats and reducing their numbers.

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