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Animal corner – Show me the way to go home

We have received another example of canine fortitude and resolution; this time from AAQ – Associação Animais da Quinta who have a rescue and housing centre at Covelo-Gondomar in the north of Portugal:

“We received a request to rescue and treat a large dog who was the leader of a pack living rough in the locality of Milheirós, Gaia. In order to transport him to the veterinary clinic we had to use tranquilisers. After the procedure, he needed time to recuperate so he was taken by animal ambulance to our shelter which is at a distance of about 20 km.

The next day we found that he was missing, having escaped through a gap in the wire fencing. We searched for him without success but, at the end of the afternoon, he was reported as having returned to his pack! Quite incredible, when you consider that he had been drowsy due to the anesthesia during the journey on a cross-country route which was also new to us. Yet, in less than a day, he managed to navigate his return to lead the pack.”

AAQ was founded 20 years ago by a dedicated band of volunteers who house 40 animals at their shelter, which has a mini-clinic, playground including a plunge pool and an area for training.

They also provide a local help and advice service which is especially useful to senior citizens of limited means. Details can be seen in short videos which are available on this link.

Donations and more information can be obtained by visiting their website or Facebook page.