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Animal Corner: S.O.S

‘Save our Souls’. An emergency. Help! Hopefully, someone hears you and responds. Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, received several S.O.S. calls in the past week or so.

“A dog collapsed in the street.” Jenny Clarke, President of APAA reported. “We always tell our callers in this sort of situation to call their local GNR.” Unfortunately not always able to respond, leaving the victim and the helper to fend for themselves. ‘Here to Help’ is APAA’s long-standing motto and it tries whenever possible to carry out what it promises.

“During the extraordinary heat-wave, the most sensible thing is to keep vulnerable animals and humans, for that matter, in the shade with plenty of water,” Jenny continues.

Another more frightening problem is that of hunting dogs. “Possibly, the cooler nights, prompts the owners to allow the animals to roam freely.” This is where the vulnerable are at their most fragile. They are at the end of a line of “blame,” as Jenny puts it. “The dogs are behaving instinctively, trained to hunt. They are fast, cunning and precise when chasing their quarry. The owners should have secured them from the public areas, and held accountable for any unwarranted behaviour.”

A desperate plea for help came from Colin Hearn on behalf of a centre that arranges holidays specifically for disabled children/young adults, mostly English and Portuguese. “The big birds are kept in large enclosures. Peacocks need a lot of space.” Colin, helping with fundraising, explains. “Hunting dogs broke into the paddock where the animals are allowed to roam free. Their habitat is arranged so that children have access to them, bringing a lot of pleasure and learning from their close contact.” Working through animal contact to enable and empower them. Killing the young animals, some bred from a very early age, even egg, was a tragedy. Not only for the animals themselves but for the centre’s community. Meerkats and wallabies were just a few. Breaking into the bird section, the dogs left a path of destruction and mayhem. Contact [email protected] to see how you can help this worthy centre. APAA are liaising directly with the home to find out how they can help with repairs to the enclosures or food for animals.

‘Javali’, a large wild Portuguese pig. A wonderful hearty plate of winter food. It’s habitat, only broken into by those who are going to hunt for them, or by accident. Awesomely dangerous when encountered. Not so rare reports emerging of these ferocious beasts attacking property and animals in the countryside, searching for food and water. Unless you are equipped with a gun, or know how to deal with them. Do not brave them out! Always report problems to GNR.

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