APAA's Rover
APAA's Rover

Animal Corner – Rover is raring to go

In excellent condition, two-year-old Rover is reliable, passed its MOT and is raring to go!

Fenella Touch found ‘Rover’ about a year ago. “He’s a wonderful, loyal doggie. He needs a home of his own. I couldn’t put him out back on the street.” Her two permanent dogs are friendly, but it is not the same for ‘Rover’.

Jenny Clarke of Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA) has been helping Fenella with Rover’s costs and the association did give an alert out last year. “We wanted to re-home him as soon as possible.” At the time, there was hope that the ‘new dog on the block’ would be accepted. “He, of course, in turn needs his own home.” Naturally. Every dog needs a bit of rope. Having been in a loving environment, he is trained and ready for his own forever home.

Contact Fenella on email [email protected] or call 919 384 664.

Meanwhile, ‘Marley’, lucky boy, has found his forever home. The perfect one for their family. Brilliant. Another success story!

Pop-Up event at Jolly's Bar, Alvor
Pop-Up event at Jolly’s Bar, Alvor

Jenny’s innovative ‘Pop-Up’ Shops have closed for the season. “Quite honestly, it’s been an amazing time from start to finish.” Manager Anita has hung up her ‘APAA’ sign and is getting some down-time.

“It’s worth every minute,” Jenny has just finished cleaning out her shed, which is a storage place for ‘Pop-Up’ stock and deliverables. The food chain is most important to APAA; supermarkets and shops donating broken bags of food.

“We’re always on the lookout for new venues.” APAA only need a space for laying out their goods, somewhere people can pop-in and have a drink, snack or a meal, meet friends and enjoy a social time for a good cause.

Their SNiP (spaying and neutering) campaign increases every year. The association’s success lies in the funds raised to spay and neuter abandoned cats and dogs.

Zélia and her friends are continually fighting the feline cause, whilst others are trying their hardest to re-home the four-paws brigade. Keeping the animal population at a manageable level and re-homing, of course, are their main purposes.

‘Here to Help’ is APAA’s motto, which they live by. Recent help through their funding was gratefully received by ‘Cadela Carlota’ Animal Protection near Lagos. Other beneficiaries include Animal Rescue Algarve, outside of Loulé.

“Smaller shelters also ask for a hand when things get tough!” Jenny knows only too well how difficult it is to keep things going through rough times. Especially shelters and providers of help.

Pet Park owners are foster parents to APAA’s abandoned ones, waiting for re-homing. They always welcome a visitor. Call Gary on 926 660 465 (official borders book now).

 Pop into the Alvor or Silves charity shops which are bursting with all sorts of goodies.

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