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Animal Corner – Love beyond rescue: Curiosity saved Roxy

We don’t know much about Roxy’s past; we just know that someone kept her tied to a pole with a piece of wire, completely isolated, until she was rescued and surrendered to the shelter O Cantinho da Milú, in Setúbal.

The wire did not hurt her skin, but the psychological damage was deep. She was an apathetic dog staring into the void. She was not eating nor drinking. She was a broken soul. She was sitting in the corner far away from the light and attention. She shivered when touched. Whatever happened in her past, it was horrible.

The only solution was to place her in a temporary home where she could get some individual attention. Temporary homes are very much needed, but we have few of them.

In the home, she was still scared. At first. She started to eat, but she only ate at night. In total darkness, when no one could see. It was like this for weeks, but slowly, with the help of the resident dogs, she started to come out to the light.

Two weeks after her arrival, she finally gathered courage to follow the other dogs to the garden. First, everything was scary, even the wind and the leaves, but soon she started to like it.

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Then the new challenge was going to the street. This was super scary – people, cars – but at the same time it was interesting. What saved Roxy was curiosity. Every time she experienced something new, she was scared, but then the curiosity won. There was so much to see and to smell out there. She started to find things to play, and she started to enjoy human attention.

One day she discovered she had a tail that could wag. And then she never stopped.

Six months later, Roxy was ready to leave her temporary home to be adopted by a forever family. This happened unexpectedly. A family appeared. They wanted to meet Roxy. It was love at the first sight from both sides.

Shortly after, Roxy is playing on the beach, among dogs and people and she is happy and not afraid of anything. At the end, not so much was needed for the happy ending.

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