Cat colony (cats feeding)
Cat colony (cats feeding)

Animal Corner – Local communities embrace cat colonies

APAA’s president, Jenny Clarke, has been out cat-trapping with Zélia Santos, the Cat Lady of the feline colonies fame. “As luck would have it, the residents of an urbanisation have taken the cat problem seriously.” Jenny has, for many years, along with cat lovers tried to get people interested and pro-active within their own environmental problems. “I think, finally, it is paying off.” Indeed.

The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve has its SNiP (Spaying and Neutering) campaign focused, foremost in the feline reproduction problem. “It is a relief, in some respects, that people are trying to get to grips with the problem on their own doorstep.”

Nine residents have formed a group to approach the powers-that-be that a small park area be introduced, away from the residential area but close enough to be monitored. A cat colony can be provided fairly quickly. But the cost has to be spread around. Fingers crossed. The rains have started. Jenny has jettisoned off with a cat box and a big wave.

Senhora do Verde stormy weather
Senhora do Verde stormy weather

Pre-Christmas Shopping Browsing

  • Hugely popular Ferragudo Car Boot Sales, Fair and Street Market. Main one-way street. Sunday, November 12 and December 10, 8am-12 noon. Goodies galore. Lots of stuff you’ve always wanted!
  • Lagoa’s Convento’bio, Friday, November 10, 11am-4pm. Pre-Christmas special for arts, crafts and small businesses. APAA’s stall packed with goodies. Not forgetting Jenny’s jams, Jackie’s cookies. This year’s final chance to get pressies and deccies.
  • Wednesday, November 22, at O Tasco, 12 noon-3pm, don’t forget it’s the meet and greet place for that proper ‘Pop-Up’ pop-in feeling. Friendly menu, book direct: 282 471 769.

It’s that special time for giving and APAA aims to raise money for its SNiP campaign to keep feline populations down as well as help animal shelters and charities in need. Remember every little helps.

APAA’s special Christmas Lunch will take place on Tuesday, December 12, at a “favourite spot”, Recanto dos Mouros restaurant, looking out at Silves Castle. Always a good hearty meal. Special Christmas gifts on sale.

Don’t forget to pop into our Charity Shops in Alvor and Silves. Friendly helpful volunteer staff. Take along items no longer needed. Find something new for a gift. For information, email Jenny [email protected]

“Thanks to publicity, our volunteer staff, working membership and hands-on people, we are able to survive,” says Jenny. Although ‘Here to Help’ is a good motto for APAA, they are actively encouraging members of the community to start with their own “get in there, get it sorted” approach. Jenny smiles: “It’s worth it, really!” Keep up the good work!

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