'Lady Jess' from Silves

Animal Corner – “Lady Jess”

A royal title for an abandoned doggie

She was originally discovered by the ‘ladies’ who run the APAA Charity Shop in Silves. They spied her being harassed by several male dogs. They immediately took her under their wing. By tempting her with fond words and food, she was enticed into the shop and safety.

“We decided to have her checked by the vet and spayed.” Jenny, president of the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA), was not surprised when they offered to pay for Lady’s ‘SNiPping’ – the programme for spaying and neutering abandoned dogs and feral cats has grown, providing funds for other shelters and private families who take on the abandonees.

Gary and Wendy at Pet Park had, agreed to take her in at a special rate, so that she could be cared for in comfort pre- and post-operation. “She was a bit scrawny and timid.” Having several dogs of their own, they understand only too well the needs of a canine friend.

Unknowingly, Gary had bestowed the name ‘Jess’ on the female. “People kept on asking about ‘Lady’. I was totally lost!” Yes, we get the picture. APAA and Pet Park have this in common. Re-naming an abandoned animal is not unusual. Roja became Roger, Blondie became Maya. And so on. “Jess is a good girl, she must be about 4-6 years old. Never really can tell.” Gary shrugs. “They change so quickly once they are rescued … I think she’d make someone a really good companion.”

Lunch at Recanto dos Mouros, Silves

APAA’s SNiP funding has been provided for during the years by events and more recently their ever-popular ‘Pop-Up’ Shops and boot sales. “We need all the help we can get.” Jenny has finished a very successful year with the final lunch at Recanto dos Mouros in Silves.

“We had 52 guests for lunch. Five new members. A really successful raffle and a good time was had by all!” Jenny’s mini ‘Pop-Up’ table with goodies and her personal pride and joy, preserves, jams and marmalades, selling like hot cakes. Or, Jackie’s cookies? “30 kilos!” Jackie grinned. “I hate the sight of them!” Someone had ordered 30 bags as Christmas gifts. “I can smell them from here!”

Susana Barros, head teacher at Silves Secondary School, had summoned Jenny to collect their donation. The children had raised money by selling APAA’s Christmas cards designed by Gill Goode and other promotional stuff. They had a small pop-up exhibition, declaring the event as a success and to be followed up. Gold stars and high fives all round!

APAA now have fridge magnets amongst their goodies, with the logo.

Re-homing Jess/Lady: Gary, Pet Park, 926 660 465 [email protected]

APAA : [email protected]

Please remember an animal is for life!

Article submitted by APAA