Wreath-making workshop at Anita’s ranch held by Paul and Pasi
Wreath-making workshop at Anita’s ranch held by Paul and Pasi

Animal Corner – It’s a busy, busy time of year!

A lot of things in APAA’s brew. Stirred well … and voilà! Tempting the nodes of fate, Jenny Clarke, president of the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA), stepped up to the plate with academia in mind.

Silves Secondary School (SSS) keen students are willing to give a helping hand. Well done! Ten out of ten! The main project will evolve in time. But, for the moment, widening children’s horizons regarding animal welfare is of paramount importance.

APAA VP Jane’s son, Joe, goes to SSS. Connections are important here. “We definitely need a pathway to the students and their awareness on how animals, specifically cats and dogs, are treated within our environment.”

Jenny has arranged with the school to deliver leaflets and information regarding APAA and its work. “Hopefully, this will form into a project which can have more far-reaching results within the schools and the Algarve. Who knows, even farther afield.”

Meanwhile, back at Anita’s ranch … Pasi and Paul have been on the tutoring side with their protégés. Wreath-making! Some beautiful specimens were made, and their results were applauded by all. A veritable, versatile couple, P&P have settled into the Algarve with their marvellous talents, providing holistic care, healing and craftwork. They are always dependable for backup and helping APAA in the background. Thanks guys! They can be contacted by email [email protected] or mobile 910 665 601.


Anita and Jenny at the last ‘Pop-Up’ at O Tasco, near Portimão
Anita and Jenny at the last ‘Pop-Up’ at O Tasco, near Portimão

How you can support APAA

  • Ferragudo’s famous Sunday Car Boot Sales, Fair and Street Market. Main one-way street. Sunday, December 10, 8am-12. APAA will be selling all sorts, man/woman cave stuff.
  • APAA’s special Christmas Lunch at Recanto dos Mouros in Silves, on Tuesday, December 12, at 12.30pm for 1pm start. Lunch looking out at Silves Castle, choice of boar stew or bacalhau com natas. Vegetarian option available. Desserts, coffee, water, wine, or beer. 24€/26€ Members/Non. Don’t miss APAA’s Christmas gift table with something special for everyone. Book your lunch direct with Jenny 919 041 903 or email [email protected]


  • Don’t forget APAA Christmas Cards, designed by Gill Goode, are on sale and there is a huge donation tin. Help is also needed to feed Cat Colonies. Email [email protected]
  • Volunteers for APAA’s charity shops in Alvor (Dunas do Alvor) and Silves (Rua Elias Garcia) are always welcome! Email [email protected]

All proceeds for SNiP (Spaying and Neutering Programme).

A huge ‘thank you’ to all our supporters from Jenny, Jane, Jackie and the APAA team. Thanks also to Anita for ensuring the recent ‘Pop-Up’ at O Tasco was a sell-out.