Silves Secondary School 'pop-up'
Silves Secondary School 'pop-up'

Animal Corner – He who dares … wins!

It could be a matter of just getting past the touchline or, for some, competition, but that is not the point. It is not how you start but how you finish.

The Silves Secondary School is a proud academic foundation. It has students who take pride in their work and in animals. So why not choose a winning charity team? APAA seemed a good choice for the school and their head teacher, Susana da Silva Barros.

Jenny Clarke, president of Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, has an ‘insider’. Joe is the son of Jane who is APAA’s VP. Say no more! “The school has an extremely good reputation,” Jenny has just finished bundling some more charity donations into her already over-stuffed white van.

“Adoption is, of course, something we are hugely in favour of!” Grinning happily as the news on her mobile has just announced a re-homing of another unfortunate animal. She has also just delivered items to the school for their mini-exhibition ‘Pop-Up’ programme and made a second delivery of APAA’s favourite artist Gill Goode’s Designer Christmas Cards. “They’re good fun. Children love them! We cannot thank the school enough.”

Silves ‘Lady’
Silves ‘Lady’

Talking of Silves, APAA’s charity shop in the very same location had recently adopted a female street dog, in season, who seemed to be having a problem with the local males.

After successfully rescuing her and getting her to the vet, ‘Lady’ has pulled through her ‘SNiP’ operation. For two weeks, she will be looked after by Gary and Wendy of Pet Park, Mexilhoeira Grande. They have kindly given reduced rates for her care. Having just taken in ‘Caesar’, a beautiful German Shepherd, they adopted him as the owner had sort of decided to adopt a change-of-lifestyle, which meant no more doggy.

Pet Park is a good, homely hotel for paying pets. They have seven of their own. Now eight. “The guy didn’t pay for his SNiP or his keep.” Gary is content to have made his own contribution to the canine world.

Last chance perhaps for a Christmas booking for your pet – contact Gary at Pet Park on 926 660 465. Cats full, a few canine places left if you are lucky!­­